NINE to TEN – Abu Dhabi

Our 9 to 10’s are getting international !

In April, Thinkers & Doers has launched its first #9to10 in Abu Dhabi,

in partnership with the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and Institut Français in the United Arab Emirates

An hour full of inspiring ideas.

An hour to wake up with innovation and creativity. To discover new ideas. New projects. New horizons.

An hour dedicated to change makers, to those who conceive new innovative projects, those who see things differently.

Thursday 25th May

[How can education foster creativity ?]

Everyone is born creative. Does education drive creativity out of us ? How can traditional subjects such as literature or sciences be taught in a more creative way ? And how can schools strengthen creative and innovative skills in students ?


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yousif BANIYAS – Executive Director of Higher Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council

Dr. Ann-Maree REANEY – Dean of College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University

Dr. Gilles DEMONET – Deputy Director of IReMus, Paris (Institute of Musical Research, Université Paris- Sorbonne)

–> Moderated by Miguel LOBO – Director, INSEAD Middle East


Thursday 27th April

[Art Collecting : Unveiling the secrets of the art business]



El SEED, Artist

Sam BARON, Designer

Ranya GHANDOUR, Art Consultant – Ruth Catone

–> Moderated by Victoria Gandit-Lelandais, Head of External Relations Alserkal Avenue/Cultural consultant

At the Robert de Sorbon Amphitheater, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.