Khaled Helioui

CEO, Bigpoint

Khaled Helioui is the CEO of Bigpoint and committed to its mission of providing great gaming to everybody. With over 500 employees across three continents and a player base of over 400 million registered players spanning over 150 countries, Bigpoint has the ambition of expanding the boundaries and quality standards of free to play gaming (all Bigpoint games can be played for free). He has led the company’s strategic shift to higher quality games, refocusing talent on fewer and more ambitious titles, while expanding their reach, accessible from low spec devices and low latency connections, and setting strict standards of fairness towards players. He eventually drove the acquisition of Bigpoint by Youzu Interactive, a rare cross-over acquisition of a European company by a Chinese player, to expand the company’s reach in Asia. 

Khaled is Tunisian-French and an engineer by trade, he remains an active angel investor having backed companies such as Uber, Deliveroo, Hello, and Werlabs. Khaled is passionate about entrepreneurship as a driver of economic and social development and keen to work with local authorities and civil societies to support entrepreneurial endeavours. He was selected as one of the UN’s 70 Digital Leaders to help spread and achieve the UN’s Global Goals set for its 70th anniversary.