Matthieu Dardaillon

Founder, Ticket for Change

Matthieu Dardaillon is a 26 year-old entrepreneur, consultant, author and lecturer.

Matthieu has been made aware of societal issues from an early age and got involved in several different organized movements throughout his teenage years. He later on decided to study at a business school, encouraged by his idea that business enterprises have the incredible responsibility and the capacity of making a change on a greater scale.

As a young graduate from a Masters degree in Management from ESCP Europe, with a specialization in Alternative Management from HEC Paris, he discovered the business world by working for major groups (Decathlon, Danone).

Because of his fascination for the innovators that come up with sustainable solutions for societal issues, he has been exploring, for five years, the universe of social business and social innovations. In order to find his calling and create the job in which he will be most effective, Matthieu initiated a project with Jonas Guyot “Destination Changemakers”: Three, three month long missions in three countries (Philippines, India, Senegal) with three exceptional entrepreneurs who fight against poverty with business solutions. An adventure that was recorded in a book, entitled “A la rencontre des entrepreneurs qui changent le monde” (Rue de l’Echiquier, 2014).

When he got settled back in France, Matthieu started Ticket for Change, inspired by the Jagritp Yatra in India. Ticket for Change has the goal of changing society through entrepreneurship, from life and work experience, in real life and digital technology. 2 years later, the organization has already helped 40 000 people better understand social entrepreneurship. Particularly thanks to the MOOC “Devenir entrepreneur du changement” co-founded with HEC Paris, 380 created a project and supported 44 startups of social startups and social entrepreneurs to get started. Ticket for Change has won the Google Impact Challenge 2015 Award.

For a year now, the new Corporate for Change supports businesses internally in their talent activation and helps them develop innovations with a positive impact on society.